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Do You Feel Trapped by a Lack of Time?

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

“Shift away from asking the question ‘how do I get through’ the commute or day, and ask a better question: ‘What can I get from’.”

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a pinball machine, where you are juggling the demands of your current circumstances, but you are constantly getting bumped around and never seem to get any time to focus on creating the life, you have dreamed about. In fact you are so tired of getting bumped around and pushed away from your dreams, that you have finally just resigned yourself to your lot in life. You have accepted that your life is just an endless cycle of jumping onto the hamster wheel every day, spinning your wheels, working yourself to the bone and achieving nothing meaningful. If you can relate to this, you have fallen into the trap of believing that there are just not enough hours in a day to work toward creating any meaningful positive strides in your life and that you are trapped in a set of circumstances from which you can never escape.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I want to offer you some practical tips, to show you that if you are willing to make a few different more positive choices, you can find time every day to work on yourself and break free from this downward spiral of desperation. It is time to stop allowing yourself to be a prisoner of what has happened in your past and to finally accept that if you want things to positively change in your life, you need to shift your current thinking and begin doing things differently. The mind-set, values, philosophy, attitude and actions that have brought you to where you are, will not get you to where you want to go.

Stop viewing your life and available time from the same old perspective, become a pioneer of your future and introduce these few new concepts, for more effectively using your time into your daily routine and everything will begin to positively change for you. Stop settling for overwhelm, busyness and a belief that you are trapped in a cycle of never ending wheel spinning. Introduce these simple common sense ideas, into your routine and you can begin to break free from the false place you have trapped yourself.

The one challenge that you have is that, as simple as these ideas and concepts are to introduce and to carry out every day, so simple are they not to do. It is therefore going to require a fair amount of discipline at first, to ensure that you meet your commitment to your future. The benefit that will flow from these new routines will be well worth the effort you will put in to this endeavor.


Change the way you see time and begin to use every available second, to work on building a better you. Instead of pushing the snooze button every morning, make the conscious decision that the nine minutes that would pass by, wasted on dozing, could serve your future far better, if you woke up and invested them into reading a book, which would help you to grow and expand your world. Those nine minutes, could be invested into reading at least 2-3 pages of a great inspirational or educational book. Over a year that would add up to between 700 and 1000 pages of educational, or inspirational, material that will help you to grow and expand your world. The average book is about 200 pages. Do you think reading between 2 to 3 books a year could positively change your life? It is amazing that such a huge benefit could flow to you by simply using 9 minutes a day for reading instead of snoozing.


An even better option would be to make the choice to wake up an hour earlier every day. This would give you a whole extra hour, to focus on your priorities and allow you to start your day running. The choice of how you would use this time would depend on your unique circumstances. You could reconnect with your mission, values, review your goals, meditate, visualize, read, write, exercise, or recite affirmations. Any or all of these, could help you to live a more empowered life and offer you tools to break free from the hamster wheel of discontentment.


The average person spends around an hour a day commuting to, and from, their place of work. This adds up to be around 33 days a year, just commuting. This is time that you are currently wasting on listening to the radio, or sitting in a trance like state, striving to get through the journey. Only to arrive at a place you hate and spend 8 hours working to get through tasks you despise, so that you can go home and vegetate in front of the TV.

Wow! No wonder you feel trapped in a cycle of desperation. How about investing those 33 days a year into education and instead of sitting wondering how you are going to get through each journey, rather see how much you can gain from each commute, by listening to audio books or inspirational messages?

Introduce the three concepts described above into your life and you will begin to see remarkable positive changes happen in your life. Add in a healthy dose of clarity of vision and shift away from asking the question “how do I get through” the commute or day, and ask a better question: “What can I get from” my day or commute. You will immediately feel better about everything in your life and you will be establishing a fantastic foundation for creating the future of your dreams.

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“Shift away from asking the question ‘how do I get through’ the commute or day, and ask a better question: ‘What can I get from’.”

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a pinball machine, where you are juggling the demands of your curren…